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Helium + Webmachine = Airship

Here at Helium, we’re big fans of Haskell, and for good reason – there’s a lot to love about Haskell! Haskell is best-known for its strong static type system, on which we rely heavily: we use types to specify interactions and invariants when in the design phase, to catch our mistakes early in the development phase, and to ensure we don’t introduce errors during future refactoring. GHC, the flagship Haskell compiler, generates fast, space-efficient native binaries and allows for low-overhead shared-nothing concurrency. In addition, the Haskell ecosystem is thriving: we’ve never had difficulty finding third-party packages to solve our problems, and the quality of these packages has been very high.

Series A, new hires, and the future

Today we are pleased to formally announce our Series A funding and some additions to the company. We closed $15.98M of funding led by Khosla Ventures, with participation from FirstMark Capital, Digital Garage, Marc Benioff, SV Angel and others. We are so fortunate to have the involvement of such amazing investors who have really helped us get the company where it is today.

libhelium, rbhelium, and the Helium API

Around the end of July we announced a developer beta in San Francisco and were inundated with requests from developers who wanted to test Helium for various use cases and projects. Since then we’ve onboarded hundreds of people and companies and have been making extensions and fixes to all parts of Helium based on their ongoing feedback and usage.

Monitoring Temperature with Helium and Librato

The Helium San Francisco Beta has been in full swing for the last few weeks and we’re already seeing some great results from the group of developers and companies who have early access to the platform. One of our Beta hackers, Jim Fleming, wrote an app that takes data from a temperature sensor and pumps it into Librato for monitoring and visualization via Helium. Here is how he did it.

365 Days and Counting

Exactly a year ago today we started Helium with a simple, ambitious vision: